Trinity United church is an inter-generational, community-based church located in Cannington, Ontario.

We were pleased to announce our exciting new beginning as part of a regional team ministry, under the name “United Community Ministry”, with the congregations of Woodville, Peniel, Cambray, and Oakwood United Churches. This was the culmination of much meeting, planning, working , and anticipation that grew out of the former Kawartha Highlands Presbytery initiated area Chat Groups in 2016, with UCM officially starting Sept.1, 2018. Clergy for the transition year was  Rev. Wanda Stride (to Dec 30/18) and Student Intern Minister Daniel MacDonald (to Aug 31/19), each serving at 60% time.

We welcomed St Andrew’s UC Beaverton into our UCM fold as a partner in March 2019.

UCM Council consists of two representatives from each congregation with executive as follows: Chairperson – Kerri Jebson, Secretary – Sheila-Mae Gidney, Treasurer – Ron McMillan.

UCM shares a rotational Worship Leader Schedule served by our Clergy and area Licensed Lay Worship Leaders – each congregation having a weekly Sunday morning service – except for several times a year when combined services are held in turn at partners’ church buildings or grounds.

See the UCM website (www.ucministry.ca) or sign up for our UCM emailed newsletters  for worship schedule, updates, and information.

We collectively look forward to exploring this new way of ‘being church’.

Meet Our Ministry Personnel

A warm welcome and sincere appreciation to Rev Dr Elizabeth Cunningham who answered our UCM Clergy Call and began her ministry with us on July 1, 2021. We look forward to this permanent step (of leadership & guidance) for our collective’s growth together.

Our UCM Personnel History:

We welcomed Rev. Timothy Dayfoot as our full-time UCM Interim Minister beginning July 1, 2019, to guide us into our next steps together in ministry. His appointment with us ended with his retirement on Jan 1, 2021. We are most grateful for his time with us and wish him well.

Beginning in Sept 2019 we welcomed Debbie Sherwin (Licensed Lay Worship Leader) as a contract Worship Leader for UCM under the auspices of Congregational Designated Ministry. Debbie served regularly in our Rotational Worship Schedule as part of our UCM Worship Team until her retirement on Aug 31 2020. We wish her well in her personal pursuits and look forward to worshipping with her on occasion as LLWL pulpit supply.

Chyvonne Pancer, Ministry Candidate, joined our UCM Worship Team for Jan to Mar 2020, as a temporary CDM Worship Leader. She is well known and respected in our area for her pulpit/student supply work and we appreciated her time with us within her busy schedule.

Rev Mary-Margaret Boone (retired) served as Region 11 (ECORC) Supervisor to UCM from Jan 6, 2021 until our Clergy began July 1, 2021.

“As the people of Trinity United Church, we affirm and support the life
experience of all. We aim to provide a safe, nurturing environment where
we intentionally welcome all into the total life and ministry of the
Trinity family, including but not limited to: persons of any age, colour,
ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, intellectual and physical
ability, family configuration, social or economic circumstance or mental
health. All persons are invited to take part in every aspect of church
life including membership, leadership, celebrating life passages and
marriage. We are publicly committed to working and living together in our
journey toward justice for all of God’s people.”

Trinity United Church Cannington became an official Affirming congregation through Affirm United, on June 23, 2019, following more than a year of intentional study, and vote held in May 2019. We look forward to living out this commitment.


We welcome people of all ages at Trinity. Our services are designed so that anyone of any age can participate. As well many of our programs are multi-aged ie Children/Family events, dramas, Handbell groups.


We seek to serve our community, Cannington.  We regularly open our doors for community events, and groups’ use of building, and try to participate fully in our community. Trinity is pleased to offer its renovated presentation space in the sanctuary as well as the lower hall with newly fitted kitchen for free use by non-profit groups and organizations; and by donation for businesses and for-profit groups.

Community Events/Outreach/Affirming

Trinity Cannington is dedicated to providing opportunities to engage with and serve our local community.

Check our website Calendar regularly for the many opportunities that our Outreach Committee offers for participation in its initiatives/events to support community locally and beyond. Examples are: Bon Air Nursing Home Christmas Gift Program; Food Bank Donations in partnership with local Nourish & Develop Foundation (www.tndf.ca); Christmas Cookie Sale with proceeds to the UC of C Mission & Service Fund; collected donations of items for Women’s Resources (Lindsay), and Men’s Shelter (Oshawa); ongoing support for the local, national, and international programs of the UC of C Mission & Service.

Worship Services accessibility via our recorded UCM services found at Youtube – search United Community Ministry Brock-Kawartha.

Trinity’s Affirm Committee meets regularly and offers an “Affirm Minute” in worship services for education and enlightenment; occasionally providing a full worship service on Affirm theme; as well as keeping up with resources/information/events from Affirm United (www.affirmunited.ause.ca), as well as area organizations; and committed to furthering accessibility and equality in our faith community. Contact is Sharon Woodrow.

Currently, we offer the following annual community event suitable for all ages for fellowship, entertainment, and to highlight skills and talents found locally:

“Swing Into Spring” – usually held on a Sunday evening in late April or early May; a continuously served dinner from 5-7 pm, local artisans’ displays, guest concert performer at 7 pm. Proceeds to the Mission & Service Fund of the United Church of Canada.


We are a local expression of the worldwide community of people who follow Christ.  Within that, we are a part of the United Church of Canada.

Our Governing Body

Our Official Board comprises volunteers who are a part of our congregation.  These people provide us with leadership, helping us stay true to our vision and mission as a church.

This group of volunteers, with five areas of interest (Worship, Christian Education, Outreach, Congregational Life, Finance & Property), meet regularly, both for committees individually, and the whole board, to address and attend to the many diversities and responsibilities of a community of faith. Contact is Chairperson of the Board.

Our Community of Faith is also served by our Staff of Secretary, Organist/Pianist/Choir Director, Assistant Organist/Pianist, Custodian, Affirm Committee, Ministry & Personnel Committee, Trustees, and Volunteer Visitors.

Our governance also includes East Central Ontario Regional Council and the national United Church of Canada.

The Mission & Service Fund is a national way to serve others within Canada and abroad.

Our History

Did you know that Trinity’s history goes back to 1828, one year after Cannington was settled? Check out the interesting facts and feelings, from research and voices of past congregants, combined in “The History of Trinity United Church 1895-1995” booklet. Copy available for borrowing from the office.