Pot-luck Lunch & Fun Time to connect & discover with our UCM family; see (+) for details

As many of you know, in the new year we plan to begin some important
visioning work with United Community Ministry. In preparation, and as a
way of deepening relationship with one another, Wanda and Daniel would
like to invite all members of Cambray, Oakwood, Trinity Cannington,
Woodville and Peniel to an event in Cannington after our joint Advent
service on December 2nd, from about 12-2.
We are having a Ploughmans’ Lunch! There will be food; there will be
stories; there will be humour and fun and maybe even a skit, and there
will be a chance to meaningfully connect with one another as we begin to
discover our united community ministry. It will be an oppportunity to
anticipate and dream; to wonder and to plan; to imagine in every sense of
the word what we could possibly do and be together in this corner of
creation! Let your spirits run wild as we chase and embrace the Holy
Spirit in our midst!